October 12, 2016 01:01 PM

The footage is heartbreaking.

It shows a dog jumping into the window of a man’s car, then later the same man picking up the dog and throwing her over a steep hill.

Witnesses tell FOX 11 News, who reported the story, that the female pit bull was thrown 15 to 20 feet over the cliff and that a bush broke her fall. The shocking scene was captured on a neighbor’s home security camera.

“After he threw her off the cliff he looked around to make sure nobody saw and hopped back in his vehicle and drove off,” a neighbor told FOX 11. “I came out here with my flashlight looking around, I was making some noise trying to get her attention and sure enough I saw her behind a bush off the cliff.”

The pup escaped injury and is being fostered by a local man named Ruben Roque, who can’t fathom why the person in the video — believed to be the dog’s owner— would do such a thing.

“This dog is very kind,” Roque said. “I don’t know how come somebody could treat her like that.”

The station said a neighbor reported the incident to animal control and turned over the security video. If you have information, call the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 213-229-1700.

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