WATCH: Tom Hardy, Casey Affleck, and More Celebs Lend Their Voices to Dogs Left Chained Outside

PETA hopes this video encourages owners to keep their pets inside during the harsh winter months

The voiceless are finally getting a chance to speak.

In a new video for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Tom Hardy, Casey Affleck, Priyanka Chopra, Edie Falco, Bill Maher and more celebrities are lending their famous voices to pet dogs who spend their entire lives chained up outside.

Many canines in this country are put outside their owners’ homes year round, left to battle extreme weather conditions on their own with little protection and even a smaller amount of tenderness. All of the footage used in this heart-wrenching video comes from PETA fieldworkers, who have dedicated their lives to helping neglected pets like those pictured.

“When you first got me, did you know that you were going to chain me up and leave me outside? Even in the cold and snow?” asks Manchester by the Sea star Affleck, on behalf of a dog shown chained alone outside, standing in a puddle. “Did you know that you would leave me to fend for myself, even when it was pouring down raining and I had no way of keeping dry?”

The main message of this video is to treat your pets like family members, not lawn furniture, and this means making sure they have a warm and safe place to live during the winter months. Ideally, that place is right beside you.

Thanks to the 24/7 dedication of PETA’s field workers, the dogs featured in this video have received shelter and free veterinary care, bedding, food, water, and in some case have even been relocated to new homes. PETA hopes this moving new PSA encourages people to keep their dogs indoors most of the time, especially during severe weather, and also motivates others to report animal abuse and mistreatment when they see it.

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