March 24, 2015 02:00 PM

It’s National Lazy Day! If there ever was a day to kick back and relax, this is it. Unfortunately, not all of us are lazy by choice. Some of us try our gosh darn hardest and still end up with food all over our face.

We’ve all been in Fritz’s position – trying to achieve a life goal (in his case, catching an airborne chimichanga in his mouth), and then failing miserably.

These YouTube videos, filmed in slow motion and set to dramatic music, chronicle Fritz’s owner throwing a series of delectable food items – a steak, strawberry, meatball and more – at his golden retriever pup, who is absolutely incapable of catching any of it in his mouth, despite his unwavering enthusiasm.

(While Fritz may be awful at catching, his fashion is on-point – he works those funky bandanas like a champion.)

We just hope that the next time life throws a (metaphorical) hot dog at our face, we’ll have the strength to get back up and keep on trying, even if it’s National Lazy Day. And guess what? Perseverance pays off. In the last few seconds of the first video (Spoiler!), Fritz successfully mouth-catches what appears to be a French fry.

Nailed it.

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