WATCH: This Bird Sings Just Like Rihanna, Could Be Her Backup Singer

This Portuguese parrot loves to sing "Monster" by Rihanna and Eminem

In delightful news to provide an escape from the real world, here is a bird that sounds like just Rihanna.

You may think I am exaggerating, but I am not. Chances are this bird can sing better than you, and you will need to accept that as fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bird got a three-album contract, that’s what we are dealing with.

This parrot who takes parroting to a new level, lives in South America and mostly speaks Portuguese, according to NME. But the bird has made an exception for Rihanna, mastering some lines from the singer’s 2013 collaboration with Eminem, “Monster.”

Compare the samples above, perhaps with your eyes closed, and prepare to be blown away by this parrot’s pipes. Before you go making a request for your favorite Rihanna track, it’s important to know this bird only sings “Monster.” This parrot has found what it’s good at and it isn’t changing for anybody. We have to respect that.

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