Watch This Bear Steal Hot Sauce for Her Cubs From a Fridge

She just has a more evolved palate

Just call her chef mama bear! While searching for food for her cubs, a mother bear found just what she was looking for in an outdoor patio refrigerator: Frank’s RedHot Sauce.

The bear was caught on a cell phone video rummaging for a treat while her two cubs patiently looked on at a family’s backyard in Kinnelon, New Jersey. When the mama bear was content with her find, she carried the hot sauce in her mouth and left for the nearby woods with the two youngsters – perhaps looking to add a little spice to her latest kill!

“We respect them as they respect [us], you know they come in and they’re looking for food and then they go away,” homeowner Joann Tirico told CBS2.

She says the three bears stole a cake the previous week and have even gone for a swim in their family pool. Hmm is Tirico sure she’s the homeowner? Sounds like she could be a modern-day Goldilocks.

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