January 12, 2016 08:18 PM

Sometimes when you meet someone you just instantly know they’ll be a special friend. 

Orphan Gito definitely felt that tug on his heartstrings when he was introduced to Asoka, the only other baby orangutan he had ever met. 

The two cuties were both saved by the International Animal Rescue in West Borneo. Gito was less than five months old when he arrived at the IAR’s shelter “in a filthy cardboard box,” but has since been doing well on the road to rehabilitation.  Asoka joined him at the facility in August, but the soul mates didn’t actually come face-to-adorable-face until January.

When the big moment comes, the pair lock eyes in a moment destined to warm even the coldest of cruel, dead hearts. Gito eagerly reaches out for his new bestie’s head, kisses it and examines Asoka’s back, fascinated by the first creature he’s met that’s just as cute as he is. 

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Meanwhile, we can be seen avoiding eye contact and awkwardly fiddling with our hair when we’re introduced to a new member of our species. 

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