June 26, 2014 06:00 PM

The organizers of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest say that their annual event proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or, more accurately, in the eye of the leash holder.) This year’s winner, a Chihuahua-Shih Tzu mix named Peanut, is just the latest example of their unofficial motto. We’re not sure what kind of effect that title has on a dog’s self-esteem, but last night Jimmy Kimmel did his part to make sure that little Peanut feels better about himself.

Kimmel invited Peanut on the show for a makeover (“We tried to book the world’s most beautiful dog, but he’s summering on St. Bart’s with Heidi Klum,” the host joked), and he called in a team of stylists to work their magic. In a reality show-caliber montage, Peanut had his nails done, was given a tiny blond wig and got a full wardrobe upgrade (although any wardrobe is probably considered an upgrade, since Peanut tends to cruise around in his birthday suit).

As Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” swelled through the speakers, the all-new Peanut was presented to owner Holly Chandler. You’ll have to check out the video to see his “after” pics, but his transformation was so, um, remarkable that Kimmel called him “the Bradley Cooper of dogs.”

In addition to scoring a slot on Kimmel’s show, Peanut’s win came with a massive trophy and a $1,500 prize. Chandler says that she’ll be using the prize money to pay for veterinary treatments for other dogs. And that is a truly beautiful thing.

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