Watch the Winning Westminster Agility Dogs Weave Their Way to Glory

Meet the winning dogs from every division of the Westminster Agility Championship

Dogs shows aren’t all about butt fluff and perfect prancing.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is also home to the Agility Championships, a fast-growing sport that challenges dogs to complete obstacle courses at staggering speeds — think of it as Ninja Warrior for crafty canines.

Each year, Westminster welcomes the smartest, fastest and nimblest pups to take the field to show off their skills with their handlers. In 2017, the show saw a bumper crop of amazing dogs of all sizes, handing out prizes to the one who out-weaved, out-tunneled and out-hopped their competitors.

But not all the pooches perform perfectly. Mia the Beagle turned her agility course run into an adorable freestyle performance. Ignoring most of her handlers’s commands, as you can see in the video above, the floppy-eared canine spent her 66.24 seconds on the field posing for the cameras, indulging in quick grooming sessions and marveling at her surroundings.

Mia’s run didn’t grab her a win, but it quickly endeared her to the animal-loving audience at the show and on the web. The clip of the crowd favorite’s absent-minded, yet precious, performance has been viewed over 1 million times on Facbeook, far more than any other dog who actually placed.

Now to meet the official winners, AKA the dogs who could easily beat you in a relay race, below:

Little dogs can do big things. Sparkle the Papillon dominated the course for the 8-inch division with a time of 36.09 seconds.

Forget keeping up with the Joneses, the agility dogs at Westminster had to try to keep up with Jonesy. The 9-year-old miniature Schnauzer won the 12-inch division with a time of 35.17 seconds.

Stripe took home the title for the 16-inch division. The Shetland sheepdog finished with a time of 33.08 seconds, leaving Stripe with a lot to bark about.

Trick is a winner two times over. Not only did the Border collie win the 20-inch division with a time of 32.65 seconds, he also won the Master Agility Champion title, making him a VERY good boy.

Another, larger Border collie, rightfully named Kaboom, won the 24-inch division, powering through the course in just 35.23 seconds.

And last but not least is Mia the beagle, who didn’t take home any titles, but easily won the hearts of the audience by completing the course with a more free-style and adorably absent-minded approach.

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