September 16, 2016 12:00 PM

Here’s a question: do a cat’s nine lives replenish after horrifying, near-death experiences?

That’s what we’re wondering after watching this footage of a feline falling out of an SUV and onto a busy highway — by our calculation, nine of those lives were definitely used here, at least one for each passing car.

It was shot on Sept. 12 in Kaliningrad, Russia, by the city’s “Safe City” cameras, Mashable says, and it’s time to show our cats the terrifying clip, just to prove to them how dangerous roadways can be.

The kitten is what seems like millimeters away from certain death as she lays on the congested road. We promise that with each passing truck, you’ll get another gray hair on your head.

Right when you start to think the worst, a man in a Peugeot — just like Prince Charming on a horse — stops right in front of the kitten and whisks her away like Cinderella (happily ever after is what we hope happened for her).

The man hasn’t been identified, but in our world, he’ll forever be known as a hero.

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