This red-bellied snake is venomous, meaning the pros had to be called in to get him out of his aluminum prison

By Alex Heigl
October 11, 2016 01:19 PM

It’s a sad tale, one as old as time.

Snakes across the globe frequently wind up getting stuck in cans — beer and otherwise — because their scales only run forwards, not backwards. So they start out investigating what could be a viable food source and end up in a private prison that reeks of booze and despair. (Sounds like my dinner dates. Hey-o!)

Despite the fact that this red-bellied snake is venomous, his predicament apparently engendered enough sympathy that some concerned residents of Victoria, Australia, called professional snake handlers Tania Dowsett and Craig Bergman to help bust the little guy out.

“The threat is pretty big this year as the rain has chased a lot of them out [of hibernation],” Bergman told Australia’s Riverine Herald on Saturday. “Being aware that snakes may be around, and being informed about how to react to them, are the most important aspects of managing snakes.”

As for how to manage the snakes’ alcoholism? Well, recycle your beer cans and bottles and make sure that the snakes have a good support system they can turn to when they feel those urges coming on.