October 19, 2016 02:17 PM

Why can’t things like this happen to Kathie Lee and Hoda?

A cat popped up where you’d least expect it: on the desk of a news show in Turkey, where headlines were being read to viewers.

Hurriyet Daily News says the stray feline showed up unexpectedly on Monday at Good Morning Denizli, hosted by Kudret Çelebioğlu. (The pussycat perks up from 1:11 onwards.)

Calm and seemingly collected, Çelebioğlu must have a cat at home because nary a hair on the newsman’s head went out of place when the feline hopped up on the table (filled with newspapers, which, as you know, cats love).

The Daily News said he described the kitty as a “surprise guest,” and then went about the broadcast.

Things don’t even get meow-t of hand when the furball decides to cop a squat on the laptop the host is reading from — that’s definitely where we would have drawn a line.

We’re hoping this new morning feline format goes global.

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