The trio was rejected by their mother at birth in August

Freddie the dog is the stepmother Cinderella always needed.

The dedicated dog is caring for three baby skunks who were born in August and rejected by their mother at birth. With help from her humans, Freddie treats the trio just like her own.

“Hand rearing them from that age was not easy but our little dog Freddie wouldn’t leave the skunks and has taken over as step mum,” says the caption for a YouTube video shared by Skunks & Co., which shows the busy mom in action. “We feed them and she does the rest, cleaning and protecting!”

The protective pooch even accompanied the three little skunks on their first outdoor adventure at the park at just 8 weeks old (skunk kits, as they’re called, are an unexpected supplier of cuteness).

Watching them grow has been a pleasure for the animals’ owners, who feared the worst early on.

“We had to attempt to save their lives and hand rear them,” says a message on the Skunks & Co. YouTube channel page. “From their first ever feed, every two hours day and night for the first week. We didn’t expect them to survive as they where all under average birth weight! They didn’t just survive! They did amazingly well!”