July 19, 2016 05:19 PM

We would all do well to draw inspiration from Boomer, a Bengal cat that skateboards better than you do, well, anything.

The cat, who lives in Australia, also loves skimboarding, hanging out by the ocean and playing on the swing set at his local playground. As for fraternizing with the neighborhood dogs … he simply doesn’t have the time. An adorable new video shows Boomer racing past a pack of loser dogs who don’t even know how to skateboard.

Boomer’s best friend, a famous stunt cat named Didga, also has minimal time for dogs — except when she’s using them as pool rafts, like a true boss.

It has become abundantly apparent that Didga and Boomer are going to take over the world by virtue of their friendship, agility and inventive modes of transportation. Follow their adventures on their Instagram account, if you can even bear the fact that two cats have a more thrilling life than yours.

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