WATCH: 'Shelter Me' Host Jane Goodall Spotlights Dogs Saving Elephants and Rhinos in Africa

The primatologist lends her expertise to the seventh episode of the PBS series

You know primatologist Jane Goodall is a well-respected chimpanzee expert, but did you know that her childhood pup named Rusty helped spark her passion for animals?

The founder of the Jane Goodall Institute lends her expertise to the seventh episode of the Shelter Me TV series, presented by the Petco Foundation, and airing on a PBS in your area soon. In the latest installment called “Community Matters,” she helps shine a spotlight on people and pets changing the animal world in very important ways.

Like, for instance, shelter dogs that are being trained to protect endangered elephants and rhinos from poachers in Africa. The episode also takes viewers to an animal shelter where teens read to dogs and cats to help socialize them. You’ll also find yourself cheering on a high school cross country team that runs with shelter dogs to give them much-needed exercise and a chance at a forever home.

“My dog Rusty was a wonderful companion,” Goodall says in this trailer for the new episode. “He showed me that animals not only have personalities, but minds and feelings as well. Shelter Me is a series that celebrates that beautiful bond we have with our pets.”

To find out when the episode airs in your area, click here.

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