It’s no joke: The British TV show “Dogs Might Fly” lets pooches play pilot at 3,000 ft.

By Amy Jamieson
Updated April 01, 2016 06:43 PM

Pigs can’t fly, but shelter dogs can.

This impossibility is brought to you by Dogs Might Fly, a British TV show that took unwanted shelter dogs and sent them to flight school in the name of reality TV — and dog rescue, which is super cool in our book.

In the finale of the show, which airs Sunday at 7 p.m. on Sky 1, viewers see Shadow the dog flying a plane in a figure eight movement at 3000 ft.

Okay, the pooch isn’t piloting the plane entirely on his own. As you can see in the clip above, there’s a guy sitting next to him who really looks like he knows what he’s doing — and there’s a woman behind the pup, popping treats in his mouth at every turn (let’s hope someone in this group completed human flight school).

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“We set out to show that dogs have extraordinary abilities and flight was the ultimate test,” Charlotte Wilde, who joined Shadow during his flight attempt, told Metro. “Each year 5000 dogs just like Shadow are put down, but through this show we wanted to demonstrate just what remarkable and intelligent animals they are.”

Shadow was hours away from being put down by a pound before a rescue took him in, Metro said. Now this guy is ready for primetime — and a forever home!