CBS 13 reports Frank the dog received a puppuccino after the ordeal

By Amy Jamieson
May 02, 2017 03:28 PM

We’re guessing Frank’s Monday was worse than yours.

The pooch was on a walk with his owner when he fell 15 feet through a loose manhole and into a storm drain.

CBS 13, who reported the story, said it happened when the 9-month-old dog ran off during a walk and accidentally fell into the deep drain.

“When the companies arrived on scene they found that the dog had fallen through a loose manhole cover 15 feet down into a horizontal pipe,” said a Facebook post shared by the Sacramento Fire Department on Monday. “Additional resources were requested to perform a confined space rescue. Hazmat crews arrived on scene with air monitors, and determined that it was safe to enter as rescue crews set up a tripod and rigging. Then one rescuer was lowered down to Frank the dog.”

They used a special harness which helped haul the dog and rescuer to the surface, the Facebook post explained.

“Other than a few scrapes and bruises, Frank was doing fine and was happy to see his owner!” the post said.

CBS 13 reported it took less than an hour to rescue pooch, who likely forgot all about it when he was treated to a puppuccino by his owner afterward.