A dog in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, is safe after a firefighter rescued it from an icy creek

By Saryn Chorney
December 04, 2017 04:34 PM

“Stay off the ice!”

That’s the urgent message from Swift Current Fire Department Chief Denis Pilon, who posted a video to Facebook on Nov. 29 of a harrowing dog rescue in Canada.

In his post, Pilon went on to say, “Yesterday afternoon, our firefighters were busy at the creek, rescuing someone’s pet. They allowed their dog to run off leash when it ventured [out] onto the ice and fell through. Quick action calling the fire department helped save their pet. Please keep your pets and children away from the Creek, the ice is thin and it is NOT safe.”

The clip, which now has over 126K views, is making the social media rounds. It shows one firefighter attached to a long strap sliding across the ice on his belly, attempting to reach the dog across the creek. As he reaches the struggling canine, he briefly breaks through the ice and falls into the water too. Luckily, he manages to lift both himself and the pup out of the freezing water and slides back to shore, along with the pet.

Once the duo are off the slippery ice, two more men join in the rescue, helping to get the dog back on solid land and covered with a blanket.

As onlookers crowd around, one person is overheard saying “he wants to come see Ma and Pa.”

We hope this pup’s parents gave a big thank you to their local firefighters, and that the unnamed dog is currently cozy and curled up in its house, safe and warm.

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