WATCH: Rescue Horse Sees Snows for the First Time, Acts Like a Puppy

After spending most of her life in Florida, Bella is freaking out over finally getting a snow experience

The first snow is always the most magical.

After getting buried in accumulation a few times, the white stuff begins to lose its luster. But Bella is still in the “romance stage” of her relationship with snow. She is just getting to know it, and in her eyes, it can do no wrong.

The rescue horse recently encountered snow for the first time outside her home in Michigan. Originally from South Florida, flurries were a mystery to this stunning steed until very recently.

As the cute clip shows, Bella found that she didn’t just like snow, she adored it! In the video, as soon as she sets a hoof on the covered ground, Bella gets giddy and drops down to roll around and get a full-body snow experience.

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Bella’s owner Stacey Pierce Dadd captured this enchanting encounter. She first met her precious pet at Hope Equine Rescue in Auburndale, Florida. When Dadd started volunteering at the rescue, Bella had already been there waiting for a home for over a year. Dadd looked after her at the rescue for two years before finally adopting her and later moving north.

It appears this equine from the Sunshine State was a snow bunny all along.

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