Sophia’s reliable buddy Rose helps guide the elderly, vision-impaired pup around, staying close at all times

By Amy Jamieson
May 23, 2017 03:43 PM
Atlanta Humane Society

Thank you for being a friend.

That’s what a nearly blind dog named Sophia would likely say to Rose, her very best friend.

The dogs, who share names with two of our favorite Golden Girls, were abandoned together at the playard at the Atlanta Humane Society — but the true strength of their bond wouldn’t show itself until they were separated during medical care.

“We were housing them separately and the older dog, Sophia, was miserable,” says Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications for the AHS. “She growled at anyone who went near her and refused to be friendly. She would just cower in the back of her cage.”

Sadly, they determined that Sophia, in addition to her eye issues, was also heartworm positive, but before they started treatment, they had an idea.

“Sophia was incredibly depressed and wouldn’t let any one touch her. We wanted to see if having someone familiar around would lift her spirits and found a space where her and Rose could be together,” Hill says. “Immediately, Sophia’s attitude flipped. She was confident, happy and started to jump up into our laps.”

Sophia’s reliable buddy Rose helps guide the elderly pup around, staying close at all times. Even when Sophia goes to take a nap, Rose hops up into the bed and lays down beside her (a Facebook video of the pair in action, viewed over 12,000 times, will tug at the heartstrings).

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“They’re inseparable best friends,” Hill adds. “We want to find a loving home where the two can live together because they have such a close bond. We don’t want these two best friends to be separated. Without each other, they’d be lost.”

If you’re interested in adopting these two, contact the Atlanta Humane Society.