The Portland, Oregon, rapper tells PEOPLE he just wants to "let people know that cats are awesome"

By Amy Jamieson
Updated December 14, 2016 12:08 PM

The Cat Rapper thinks you should adopt a cat this Christmas — and he’ll rap it for you, but not wrap it for you.

Iammoshow’s new rap “Adopt a Cat” was filmed at the Oregon Humane Society with a bunch of kitties who need homes right meow, and it’s simply im-paw-sible not to get the new song stuck in your head (sorry in advance for that).

“If you’ve got that cat love, let it shine through,” he says in the new music video, which has him walking down the halls of the shelter petting pretty kitties along the way.

The 30-year-old rapper — who lives in Portland, Oregon, and has over 48,000 Instagram followers — is the proud owner of four felines (Tali, Sushi, MegaMam and Ravioli) and felt compelled to write the ditty because he’s dedicated to the kitty cause.

“I just wanted to do something to help and do my part and let people know that cats are awesome,” he tells PEOPLE in an email. “I had the idea for a long time, I was just waiting to shoot it at the right place.”

The response from cat people so far? Paw-some! “The love is really coming in and I’m very thankful people are enjoying it,” he says. “I heard that it made the news last night and I’m told that most of the cats in the video have already been adopted. I’m very thankful to have support from everyone.”

Iammoshow’s first single “Cat Emotions” came out on iTunes on Tuesday. Click here to buy it, and visit the Oregon Humane Society’s website to see more adoptable cats.