WATCH: Python Allegedly Becomes Unexpected Foster Mother to Four Puppies

Animal activists found the snake coiled next to the puppies, who were stuck in the well for four days

Animal activists in Vadodara, India, came across a surprising sight on Tuesday.

The rescuers arrived at a well, reportedly 80 feet deep, to save four puppies stuck inside. They soon found the dogs already had a protector in the form of a rock python.

The large snake was coiled up by the puppies, and it appeared to be protecting the babies, who were anxious after being stuck in the well for four days.

“They were there for four days. The python could have eaten the puppies but it didn’t harm them, instead kept them safe and gave a mother’s love,” activist Neha Patel told ANI News.

(“Love” seems like a stretch, perhaps, but at the very least the reptile ignored the canines as a potential meal.)

Rescuers were able to safely retrieve the puppies and the snake. The python was released into the wild, while the dogs were returned to the care of their real mom.

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