September 14, 2016 07:16 AM

Sometimes one just isn’t enough.

For Noodle the pug, it was, but he decided to press on anyways.

This elegant and adorable exploration into pleasure, brought to us by BarkBox, starts with a relaxed pug indulging in the satisfaction of a belly rub from a single Portuguese back scratcher.

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Man, does it feel good. It’s soothing just to watch this happen. But then, just when you think things couldn’t get more chill, two additional back scratchers join the mix — and the look on this pug’s face goes from pretty pleased to Jabba the Hut staring into the face of God.

He has transcended to another plane, where happiness takes on shapes and forms our simple minds can’t even comprehend.


Noodle took on this feat of pleasure to help promote Bark Box’s new book Dogs and Their People, which is out on October 18 and available for preorder now

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