WATCH: Pregnant Mom Who Spoofed April the Giraffe by Going into Labor in Giraffe Mask Shares Photos of Her Own Baby

Both Erin Dietrich and her inspiration, April the giraffe, recently welcomed baby boys

A sense of humor can get you through anything, including the birth of your fourth child.

Erin Dietrich, an experienced mom of three, decided to have a little fun with kid number four. Her due date happened to fall in the midst of April the Giraffe’s long and well-documented pregnancy. To pay homage to the fellow mom, Dietrich wore a giraffe mask to the hospital, going into labor while still wearing the silly accessory.

Turns out this hilarious video idea, which has reached millions on social networks, came from a place of insomnia and curiosity.

Courtesy of Erin Dietrich

“Weeks prior I just could not sleep because of pregnancy insomnia and so just became obsessed with watching April the giraffe to see if she had her baby so that’s where it all came from,” Dietrich explained to PEOPLE.

The human mom’s April-inspired delivery went smoothly, ending in the arrival of a healthy baby boy named Porter.


While Dietrich beat out April, the pair are now both sharing the joys of motherhood. The patient, pregnant giraffe gave birth to her own baby boy on April 17.

Congrats to both of these amazing moms!

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