The beloved 12-year-old poodle had both eyes removed in August due to an autoimmune disease

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 01, 2016 05:25 PM
Credit: Scott Jordan

You know people who pay parking tickets with a smile on their face — a legit, ‘no big deal,’ smile — Margaux the dog is the canine equivalent.

In August, 12-year-old Margaux had both eyes removed, and her parents, Scott and Laura Jordan, learned that her hearing was gone.

The happy-go-lucky pup has diffuse pyogranulomatous inflammation, an autoimmune disease, which started attacking her body – starting with her paw. That eventually cleared up but it began affecting her eyes. Her veterinarian recommended one eye be removed, and the other eye soon followed. On Aug. 14, they determined she was deaf.

“We didn’t know what to do at first. She’s 12 and has had a great life,” Scott writes on Facebook. “But my wife and I decided she deserved a chance to continue on so long as she had some quality of life, which we decided was possible. We realized this would take a lot of work.”

Despite many people telling them that Margaux should be put to sleep, the Idaho couple — who also have poodles Chloe, Susie, and Rhonda — decided as long as Margaux “was still eating and had her winning smile, we would continue to care for her.”

“It’s been an amazing journey watching her adapt to her new world, and better – start thriving in it,” the Jordans say in an email to PEOPLE. “We started a Facebook group to tell her story and have been amazed to see just how many peoples’ lives Margaux’s story has affected.”

The Jordans began taking Margaux on guided hikes — and that’s when her siblings did their part to help, too. They’ve become her “seeing eye sisters,” as you’ll see in the sweet video above.

It’s inspiring to see how a trying experience like this one change lives in a positive way.

“She is inspiring me and causing me to slow down a bit and dedicate myself to her needs,” Scott writes on Facebook. “For those of you with kids, you will understand this. My wife Laura and I don’t have kids but our 4 poodles, Chloe, Margaux, Susie, and Rhonda, are our children.”

To learn more about Margaux’s journey, visit her Facebook page.