Sarper Duman from Istanbul plays beautiful music with a kitty on his keys


Here’s a Keyboard Cat that doesn’t mess around with music.

A musician named Sarper Duman plays ditties while a kitty lounges upon his keys — and videos of the purr-fect performances are receiving upwards of 37,000 views on Instagram.

Duman, who hails from Istanbul, seems to own a small army of cats, but there’s one tabby in particular that loves sitting front and center as the pianist plays his songs.

The cat nuzzles and dozes off, genuinely seeming to enjoy the beautiful music Duman (who has over 31,000 Instagram followers) creates on those keys.

In another clip, the same kitty is so happy with what he’s hearing that he bangs on the keyboard while thanking his owner with head bumps.

Piano ballads, it seems, aren’t the only thing Duman’s cats are jamming on right now.

The musician poses in an Instagram with one cat, who appears to have no eyes, and remarks on their other favorite pastime.

“With Veysel daily, we take air, listen to birds,” reads a translation of the photo’s caption.

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