While some keep these cuties as exotic pets, kinkajous should be left to live in the wild

Snuggle time!

As part of his quest to teach animal lovers about all the exotic creatures out there, while also taking care of your pets at home, PEOPLE Pet Vet Evan Antin recently met a kinkajou.

Some may recognize this critter as the bizarre pet once owned by Paris Hilton, but there is so much more to this animal. First, kinkajous do not make good pets, regardless of what you’ve seen in the tabloids. While you may be tempted by their adorable faces, these animals thrive best out in the wild where they can lead their solitary lives in peace.

Chiquita and all other kinkajous are closely related to raccoons. Like their masked family members, kinkajous are nocturnal. During the night, they move through the trees and munch on fruit and honey.

A prehensile tail allows this creature to move along branches with ease. They are also great for giving firm handshakes, or so I would expect.