Tallyrand, who had a broken back, started taking steps after a month of acupuncture


Never say never!

Some said that Tallyrand the kitten would never walk again. She and her saviors at Humane Rescue Alliance proved them wrong.

According to wusa9.com, Tallyrand was found abandoned in a Washington storm drain when she was just two months old. She was brought into the Humane Rescue Alliance, where vets quickly realized that the kitten had a broken back, causing paralysis in her back legs and tail.

This diagnosis wasn’t a bookend for the rescue, just an obstacle. After discovering the kitten’s injuries, the group went to work healing Tallyrand.

Among her recovery treatments are regular acupuncture sessions, which, after only a month, led to serious improvements — Tallyrand started to wiggle her tail and back legs and is holding herself up without help.

For a feline that could barely lift her own head a few weeks ago, this was an astounding achievement.

Tallyrand and her team didn’t stop there. Now, after continued treatments, the kitten can walk and run on her own. These literal and figurative strides mean that Tallyrand will soon be put up for adoption. The rescue will match this like black-and-white fighter feline with a family that is willing to continue Tallyrand’s treatment and physical therapy.