The presidential Portuguese water dog's face is emblazoned on a new timepiece, which benefits the National Canine Cancer Foundation

By Amy Jamieson
Updated June 02, 2009 11:45 AM

Since he arrived at the White House, First Puppy Bo has had tongues wagging. And now his icon status is official: The Portuguese water dog’s adorable mug is emblazoned on the face of the new “Bo the First Puppy: In Bones We Trust” watch, which features two pink paws, a show of support for the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

Jack Goldenberg, who created various Barack Obama watches during his presidential campaign last year, was inspired to design timepieces featuring Bo after he became a member of the Obama family in April.

The Bo watch sells for $45 on Goldenberg’s Web site and 10 percent of all proceeds will be donated to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Goldenberg says it may be the most successful of any of his designs. “This is nothing against [President] Obama, because he’s got tremendous support, but I think people like dogs more than they like presidents,” Goldenberg tells PEOPLE Pets.