WATCH: Nothing Stops Smiley the Blind Dog from Enjoying Freshly Fallen Snow

The pooch, who was born without eyes, is just perfect romping around in powder

Some people hate the stuff. Smiley the dog is not one of those people (nor animals).

He’s a blind 15-year-old pooch born without eyes in a puppy mill, and according to the caption for this adorable YouTube video, he’s mostly deaf but he can still hear high pitched sounds.

“This is not my voice, but for him I will call for him in a voice he can hear,” writes the pup’s owner, who explores new octaves during a romp through the freshly fallen snow.

Watch as Smiley — a child therapy dog, who is the star of his very own Instagram page — enjoys the powder even though he can’t see a lick of it.

People who do “that voice” for the sake of animals, they’re our kind of people.

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