September 16, 2016 03:46 PM

Tony Kanal sometimes gets cast in an unfair light in No Doubt’s history, because it was his and Gwen Stefani’s breakup that got the brunt of the attention when the band first broke through to the mainstream. But that’s all water under the bridge now! It’s cool! Tony’s great! He’s a great bassist and songwriter and seems like a cool dude.

And if you still needed proof, he rescued 1,300 hens from a California egg farm recently.

See, egg farms typically kill even healthy hens once their egg production slows down at 1-2 years old. Tony, who’s a vegan and animal activist in his spare time, worked with Northern California sanctuary Animal Place, which has rescued over 18,000 hens from egg farms in the past few years, to rescue the group of white leghorns. The birds, bred largely for egg production, came from cramped, wire battery cages, and once in the hands of Animal Place, they’ll be nursed back to health and adopted into backyard flocks.

Tony Kanal: Good bassist, upstanding guy.

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