November 28, 2016 04:48 PM

The Earth’s gift to us this holiday season is unlimited animal friendships; the newest being between a cow and a moose in Sheldon, Vermont.

According to WCAX, Tim Abbott returned home on Saturday and noticed one of the cows in his pasture was not like the others. While he was out dropping his daughter off at the airport, a moose snuck into the pasture to meet the three cows living there. This is the first time Abbott has encountered a moose on his farm, and he is pretty tickled by it, and so is one of the cows.

While two of the farm animals watched the curious intruder from a distance, one decided to go up and introduce herself. The Moose and the bold cow sat together for some time, likely trading tales about the weather and other light banter.

“Moose just seems to be hanging out and having a good time, so she’s just out here eating grass, and she’s been sleeping with the cows, and when the cows get up and eat she gets up as well,” Abbott told WCAX. 

Eventually the cow decided to take a nap in the barn, while the moose remained in the pasture, where Abbott says she is welcomed to stay as long as she wants.

“Very docile. Very calm, and we had fish and wildlife out to make sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with her. They said she looked perfectly healthy, and we’ll let her stay as long as she wants to stay I guess,” Abbott added.

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