November 04, 2015 08:53 PM

Cats and water don’t mix, especially cats and cold water. So when a kitten fell from a pier in Illichivsk, Ukraine, and into the icy water below, he was desperate for help. 

Luckily, a Good Samaritan was there to dive in after the little cat and bring him to shore, and another onlooker caught it all on camera.

The video shows the frigid feline seeking refuge by the rudder of a nearby ship, mournfully meowing for help. The calls are soon answered by a man in a wet suit, who swims up to the kitten, grabs him and then starts hauling him back to the pier. 

The tiny guy is soon passed back up to dry land, into the hands (and jacket) of a concerned crew member. It’s a kitten nightmare with a warm and fuzzy ending. 

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