Stevoni Wells Doyle rescued Grayce the pit bull and her 11 puppies and is now fostering the family

It’s easy to earn a mother’s love, but a mother’s trust is entirely different.

Stevoni Wells Doyle’s dedication has earned her the affection and respect of Grayce the pit bull mom.

According to Fox News, Doyle recently rescued the pit bull and her 11 puppies from an abusive situation and is now fostering the family at her Utah home.

Grayce must sense that Doyle has the same devotion to her pups as she does, because Doyle recently captured a video of the caring canine sharing her brood. In the video, the mama dog is shown placing all of her puppies into Doyle’s lap.

Doyle has helped save and place dozens of canine families, but this is the first time she has seen a mother dog behave in this way.

In eight weeks, once the puppies are more independent, Grayce and her kids will be up for adoption through Rescue Rovers.