Kinley Gray met the orphaned cow during a photoshoot and ended up bringing the calf home

You’ve heard of #squadgoals. This is #herdgoals.

When a baby cow unexpectedly lost her mom, she was feeling pretty blue, but one little girl was able to turn that frown upside down.

Kinley Gray met the cow when her mom asked to borrow the calf named Molly for a photo shoot. Kinley quickly befriended the grieving cow, which led to her family adopting the animal. Now, the girl helps mother Molly, feeding the calf straight from a giant bottle.

Molly the cow’s new BFF is also quick with hugs and kisses. The friendship has helped the animal feel better and has led to some truly precious photos.

This little girl isn’t just making a cow happy, she is making it a better day for all of us.