Could you get your cat to do this?

Do you trust your cat? I trust my cat. I trust that he will wake me up at 6:30 every morning by lightly biting my face until I feed him.

I also trust that he will pounce on my legs when I jump out of the shower and that he will scratch my favorite chair while staring right at me.

I do not trust that he would ever entertain the idea of doing something like what is shown in the above video.

But Didga is a different kind of feline. She has learned how to skateboard, do parkour and perform an impressive series of tricks with help from her owner.

Her most recent stunt doesn’t involve an extreme sport, it requires something even more difficult: asking her, a cat, not to land on her feet.

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“A hundred percent against their instinct, Didga (cat) overcomes the urge to spin to point her feet in the direction falling, (cats always land on their feet remember) she “trusts” me to catch her as she falls straight back into my hands. That’s trust!” her owner wrote along with the video on Didga’s Youtube page CATMANTOO.

How this man was able to charm his pet into a trust fall is not revealed, but you have to expect some sort of wizardry was involved.

Or, perhaps, this cat is just a very, very good girl.