Ivan Veryasov, a Russian engineer, showed off his creation in a new YouTube video

By Amy Jamieson
Updated November 08, 2016 02:59 PM

Santa’s elves should brace themselves — cats may be meowing “Tanks!” this Christmas.

We’re predicting a spike in requests for feline sport utility vehicles now that Ivan Veryasov, a Russian engineer, showed off his creation on Saturday: a kitty playhouse that resembles a T-34 Tank.

According to RT.com, Veryasov, from Novosibirsk, Siberia, told Sib FM that he “modeled my tank on the famous T-34. I only failed at assembling a gun that would shoot tennis balls.” (For the record, we don’t think tennis balls would have gone over well with cats anyway. Ping Pong balls, maybe.)

In the video, a cat seems to have a blast climbing on the tank. Later, the designer stands on top of his creation, demonstrating just how strong it actually is.

We assume he’s hoping for strong sales too, since the item is now available for purchase on the Russian equivalent of eBay, RT.com reports, for about $235.

“This challenge looked the toughest to me,” he said of choosing a tank instead of, say, a feline F150 pick up truck. “The turret and tracks need to move. What’s a ship? Body, chimney, and the mast, perhaps. This is not very exciting mechanics-wise, and I majored in mechanics.”