The adorable golden retriever, who performs at baseball games, loves "getting tons of attention from professional baseball players," his owner says

By Amy Jamieson
June 27, 2017 04:22 PM

If your only interaction with baseball comes when a game (gasp!) suddenly preempts The Bachelorette, now is totally the time to pay attention.

Meet Jake the Diamond Dog, described on Facebook as “The best darn dog in professional baseball.” The gorgeous golden retriever — whose good looks rival that of Derek Jeter’s IOO — travels to ballparks across the United States, pitching in on the field by performing simple tasks, like delivering water to the umpire or fetching bats.

In a viral video shared on Twitter by ABC sports anchor Zach Groth, the pup proudly carries a basket of water in his mouth to someone in need at a minor league baseball game in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The dog’s trainer, Jeff “Dawg Man” Marchal, tells PEOPLE in an email that in true happy dog fashion, Jake has always loved the fans and “even the umpires.” Being a ballpark performer affords a glamorous lifestyle (one we liken to the travels on the The Bachelorette, only sportier).

“He has lived a life of touring North America in the luxury of his own custom truck and many nice hotels,” Marchal says. “When he gets to the ballparks he’s met with adoration and affection by all ages.”

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Among the dog’s favorite things, says Marchal, are “shagging foul balls, chasing Frisbees and getting tons of attention from professional baseball players.”

It sounds like Jake brings smiles wherever he goes. “Can’t possibly guess,” he says, “the number of people that have petted this dog.”