August 05, 2015 05:45 PM

Maybe the Darlings were on to something when they hired a dog as their go-to babysitter.

Sure, Nana let an ageless boy take the kids flying out a window after covering them with a mysterious powder, but she was a good caretaker overall.

Following in Nana’s pawsteps, the Jack Russell terrier in this video is doing his best to be a superb mentor to a 5-month-old baby.

Today’s lesson: crawling. Eager to give his ward a bit of a speed boost, the dog gets down on this tummy and shows the baby how it’s done.

After watching the dog perform a few expert wiggles, the little human gives it a try. The kid stays on his hands and knees for only a few seconds, but it’s a start. A very adorable, aww-inducing start.

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