Cleo the cat is being treated for respiratory issues but is expected to recover

By Amy Jamieson
Updated September 09, 2016 11:04 AM

Cleo wasn’t breathing when firefighters pulled her from a burning home on Monday — but thanks to the dedicated crew from Truck 3, she’s alive and on the road to recovery.

“The crew worked tirelessly for over 30 minutes to bring her back to life,” according to a Facebook post called “Saving Cleo the Cat,” written by the Ames Fire Department in Ames, Iowa.

The department shared a video that showed Truck 3’s crew huddled around the kitty, who was laying on the ground, receiving oxygen from a mask.

“The Ames Fire Department keeps special pet revival masks on all apparatus because we know that pets are family too,” the post said. “Cleo was transported to ISU Vet Med via the Ames Police Department, and the owner had encouraging words today about her recovery.”

In the clip, a man who appears to be the cat’s owner learns how to hold the mask and tries to comfort the cat, who is just coming to after her rescue.

“You’ll be okay,” he says to the cat. “You hear me?”

Cleo’s rescue serves as an important reminder to anyone ever involved in a house fire, the department said.

“Never go back into a burning building to rescue pets or loved ones, you can be overcome with smoke making it more difficult for us to rescue everyone,” the post said. “Let the professionals make the rescue, we have the training and equipment to be successful!”