February 20, 2017 03:30 PM

Finding a forever home is hard. The longer an animal stays in a shelter, the less likely it is to be adopted.

Which is where fashion photographer Richard Phibbs comes in. Phibbs takes glamorous photos of abused and abandoned animals to let them truly show off their best selves, with the aim of finding them new owners.

“I am overwhelmed at the volume of suffering of animals that I see,” Phibbs says. “So I’m not just talking about dogs and cats, but donkeys, horses, camels. You know, I often walk around when I travel, broken-hearted of the suffering that I see. So I’ve found that by volunteering, by taking portraits of these animals, that I’m somehow easing some suffering on this planet.”

Phibbs’ work with the Humane Society of New York has seen him take photos of over 400 animals. For more on Phibbs and the HSNY, click here.

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