Along with Triton the otter, the zoo also welcomed a Pallas cat kitten

By Kelli Bender
July 13, 2017 01:38 PM

The mighty Triton has arrived!

Though this time instead of being a mighty, shirtless mer-man, he is a precious little Asian small-clawed otter pup.

Triton is the first of his kind to be born at Ohio’s Columbus Zoo in the past 14 years, but proud parents Asta and Oscar are acting like old pros.

Small Clawed Otter Pup
Credit: Grahm S. Jones

They are teaching Triton how to swim and are making sure the playful pup doesn’t get into too much trouble.

Triton isn’t the only newcomer to join the crew at the Columbus Zoo. The facility also welcomed a new Pallas cat kitten. If you aren’t sure what Pallas cats look like, it’s something like this:

Pallas' Cat Kitten
Credit: Grahm S. Jones

Basically, they’re ferocious little ottomans with extremely expressive faces, so yeah, it’s good that there are more of them in the world now, too.