You're going to need a bigger boat

Lunch break!

A large group of sharks in the waters off Cape Lookout, North Carolina, dramatically came up to the shore to snack on a school of bluefish, reports Fox 31.

In the YouTube video uploaded by Brian Recker, hundreds of hungry predators wiggle around the shallow waters to catch their grub. As Recker explains in his post, the footage was captured while a group of men were out on a fishing trip.

The sharks’ mad dash to get food helped the fishermen scoop up extra fish trying to escape without even using a rod.

“For more than five minutes, the sharks were observed swimming in and out of the surf, some of which became beached in the fury,” Recker writes.

While this footage may terrify some, Recker wants viewers to know that the beaches of Cape Lookout are safe for swimming. Large schools of fish and groups of sharks are signs of a healthy ecosystem, not dangerous attacks waiting to happen.

Everybody into the water.

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