Surveillance footage captured the dog bringing bread out of the store

By Amy Jamieson
May 26, 2017 03:17 PM

She’s being called “The Bread Bandit.”

That’s due to surveillance footage showing the dog swiping a loaf of bread from a Dollar General store in Shafter, California.

In the clip obtained by a NBC affiliate, the pooch can be seen carrying the loaf in her mouth and heading out the door.

“This dog came in and he was really friendly, looking around,” employee Abby Lopez told KXAN. “Next thing we know, he grabs a loaf of bread and starts running around with Steven.”

Steven would be another employee seen in the footage, who tries to grab the bread from the dog, the story said.

According to a post on the Shafter Police Department’s Facebook page, The Bread Bandit had an “accomplice,” also a Husky, who returned to the store for more food. They were both subsequently picked up by animal control.

“Her accomplice was caught on site, and the Bandit herself was caught just a block away,” the post said.  “No charges will be filed against these bandits.”

The Shafter Critters animal shelter tells PEOPLE that the accomplice was retrieved by its owner, while The Bread Bandit is still on hold, pending contact from an owner.

“Huskies are high energy animals, they are dogs that require lots of exercise an attention,” Shafter animal control manager Nick Riddick told PEOPLE. “An owner that would be good for The Bread Bandit would be a person with a very active lifestyle. Huskies are very active animals, they like to get into things and they like to be out and about.”

Follow the Shafter Critter’s Facebook page or the Shafter Police Department’s page for updates on the dog.