We've all been here, right?

By Kelli Bender
March 28, 2017 03:44 PM

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars” is a saying thrown around a lot in the aspirational poster world.

It’s a good motto, but it’s not always a true one. Sometimes when you shoot for the moon, you just fall flat on your face.

This is a harsh reality one hedgehog faced when it decided to stretch outside of its comfort zone in an effort to nab a mealworm snack.

Twitter user @Sutera_Hedgehog, a precious pair of Japanese pets with over 6,000 followers on Twitter, recently shared this video fail. And boy, can the world relate. The short clip of this hedgehog rolling over into a chittering face plant after an innocent attempt to reach some food has garnered over 80,000 retweets.

Maybe it’s the little scream of defeat you can imagine hearing, or the desperately cute way it puts up its arms when it realizes it has a date with the ground, but there is just something universal about this video (missed opportunity? inevitable disappointment? poor work/life balance?) that speaks to everyone.