May 03, 2016 08:45 PM

Hungry hungry hippos isn’t just a game anymore kids, and you should be afraid. 

A hippo at Japan’s Nagasaki Bio Park loves watermelons so much it smashes each one it finds in a giant, splattery mouth hug. 

While only about 30% of the fruit actually gets in the animals maw, I am now 100% worried about getting within five feet of a hippo. 

This animal, whose closest relative is a whale, will gobble up all your marbles and won’t wipe his face afterwards. 

The footage of this guy’s impressive feat is a few years old, but it’s seeing a new resurgence on the web. And there’s never a wrong time to remind you that a hippo could easily gum you off this Earth if it feels like it (or if you call it fat). 

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