May 02, 2017 01:10 PM


If our calculations are correct, Felix the cat has eight lives left.

The lucky kitty, who is the office cat at London’s Royal Docks Management Authority, fell into the water after a chase with another cat, and her rescue by a fellow worker was captured on camera.

“Felix the RoDMA office cat had a lucky escape as Scott rushed [to] save her from the water after a tussle with another cat! She is safe & sound,” says a Tweet on Monday by London’s Royal Docks, which shared a video of a man in a red jacket reaching down into the water to save the cat.

Felix was said to be doing well after the ordeal and an Instagram photo shared later showed her resting comfortably “after becoming a viral sensation this weekend.”

As for the hero in the video, he was being rewarded for his efforts.

“It’s Scott Derben, our engineering and operations manager!” a Tweet said, “A pat on the back and a treat for him.”


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