The pup, apparently named Hobby, chased the masked intruder out the door

July 08, 2016 05:17 PM

Someone deserves a steak dinner.

A CCTV video shared on YouTube shows a heroic pup coming to the aid of a shopkeeper whose shop was apparently invaded by an armed robber.

The large dog is seen coming from behind the counter and chasing the masked intruder out the store’s front door. According to the caption for the video, the dog’s name is Hobby and he’s 4 years old. A U.K. newspaper reported that the scene took place at closing time in Manosque, France, and neither the dog nor the owner were harmed. As for the robber? They left with nothing.

The video ends with the shopkeeper and dog fighting with the alleged robber outside on the sidewalk.

Our guess is that thieves won’t come around here again.

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