June 22, 2016 06:36 PM

If you tune into the National Geographic Channel for its unprecedented look inside animal culture, the epic inter-species face-offs, or the wild escapades of the wildlife, you’re not alone — so does this chicken.

Her name is Strawberry and she was put on bed rest following an unknown leg injury that required her to stay off of her feet. Her parents, Olivia Fox and Brian Larsen, adopted Strawberry from Animal Place in California earlier this year and when they saw she was getting bored in bed, they set up a tablet so she could pass the time watching nature documentaries.

As you can see from the video above, Strawberry — one of 800 hens saved from a pasture-based farm — finds nature footage quite juicy. She watches it with as much intensity as we do “Hyena Hazing,” featuring a clan of spotted hyenas initiating a new member. (Thanks, Nat Geo WILD!)

Watching TV isn’t the only way Strawberry has kept busy while stuck in bed. She now has a Facebook page, with over 2,000 likes, where she (or someone with fingers) posts regular updates.


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