Kama the surfing pig has seen his career explode since February


Surfers in general are not a tidy group of people, but there’s only one who lives in a literal pigsty: Kama the surfing pig, who has quickly become the Internet’s favorite surfing quadruped.

Kama met his current owner, Kai Holt, when the latter was on vacation. The piglet was living by himself on the beach when he wandered into Holt’s cabana and soon found himself adopted. Only a little while later, he fell in Holt’s pool and surprised his owner with a tiny doggie paddle – or rather, piggy paddle.

Amazed by Kama’s love of aquatics, Holt started taking his pet along on his surfing trips; before he knew it, the little pig was hopping on the surfboard too. In February, the story of the surfing pig attracted a number of local news outlets, which then spread Kama’s story to the mainland. The Internet had a new talented animal to celebrate!

Nearly six months later, Holt says the experience has changed the little pig’s life.

Kama is now a legitimate professional surfer. He’s oinked – sorry, inked – numerous sponsorship deals with companies like Hurley, Safeway and GoPro, which built Kama a special harness to record his adventures. Kama even documents his #bestlife on his Instagram account, @kamathesurfingpig.

And like Orson Welles, Kama has reacted to his newfound fame by gaining immense amounts of weight. Holt figures the pig has gained over 30 pounds since he started surfing, enough for his owner to consider buying a bigger board. RELATED: See Photos of More Talented Pets