WATCH: Greyhound Mama Dog with Broken Leg Leads Rescuers to Her Needy Puppies

A Good Samaritan found the dog, who was still nursing, wandering alone and injured in a Spanish market

This dedicated mama dog never stopped fighting.

According to Caters News, the limping Greyhound was found wandering a market in the south of Spain alone. A Good Samaritan, Lianne Powell, took the ailing dog to a vet.

At the doctor, the canine was diagnosed with a broken leg. The vet also realized that the dog was lactating, leading her and Powell to wonder what happened to the pooch’s puppies.

Worried about the health of this little litter, Powell and the vet set off to where the Greyhound was recovered, in hopes they would find the puppies nearby.

Once they arrived, the mom dog took over, leading the pair for two miles to an abandoned car.

Inside the car, they discovered the puppies. Ten wiggly, beautiful little babies to be exact. Thanks to the mom’s devotion and a little human help, all of the pups were taken in. The family is currently getting back to full health at a local animal hospital. Once they are in tail-wagging shape, they will be adopted out by Ibizan Hound Rescue.

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